A design for life...


We work with you on the design to create something beautiful and functional

Contact us with your enquiries and we can arrange a meeting to discuss your ideas and requirements. We will take accurate measurements and photographs and if necessary produce scale sketches and design drawings which you can approve or change to suit. For one off bespoke designs, we will talk to you about styles you like. You may already have ideas of what you want, in which case we can work with your own sketches to make sure they can be translated into finished metalwork. For those who want something unique designed by us, we can make something truely original. We may research the history of a building or location or take elements or patterns from existing metal, crafts or furnishings at the location to incorporate into a design. We may take inspiration from the surrounding landscape or wildlife, a period in history or even tell a story through the design. It is up to you to decide whether you want something modern or traditional, intricate or simple. We can email or post a competitive detailed quotation to you within a week, quotes are based on drawings and the decisions made on materials and finish.

We use traditional forging techniques and modern construction

During the making process, we will give you an approximate lead time and keep you updated on how your commission is progressing. The fully equipped workshop means that we can use a wide variety of tools and processes to gain the effect needed. We recommend all exterior steelwork should be galvanized, primed and painted or powder coated in a colour of your choice. We can source special metals, castings and paints.

We install safely and efficiently

Before installation, we will liase with you on what access, electrical use and requirements we will need to sucessfully install your metalwork with minimum disruption to you and the location. We can liase with stonemasons, carpenters and builders to make sure that gate posts, beams, walls and ground surfaces are strong enough to hold the metalwork. The fixings we use will vary and may need to be specially made. We are experienced in recommending finishes that look good and stay looking good for a long time and will discuss aftercare of your metalwork. We build all structures to last a lifetime.

We like 'authentic'

All replica ironwork is made 'as new', staying close to the original as possible and using techniques that reflect the age of the original. For restoration jobs, we will assess what needs replacing and what needs repairing, keeping as much as the original as is safe to do so. All handrails, balconies, staircases, window bars, railings and gates etc will be made to building regulations. Our main priority is making sure all installed metalwork is 100% safe and secure as well as looking the part.

We follow plans

For structural and engineered steelwork, we can work from a qualified engineer's drawings to produce engineered steels. We can help a building companies with the install of steelwork. We are experienced in manuveouring heavy structures and beams.

We like our clients to be happy!

We want you to be satisfied with our finished work, if in the unlikely event that something isn't right or an adjustment needs to be made, this will be fixed straight away.

Work in progress examples and a design drawing